We Accelerate Production with Machining

We serve sectors such as automotive, machinery, aviation, energy, rail systems, white goods, cnc machine tools.

Contract manufacturing

Within the scope of Machining, we offer quality and time-saving solutions with contract manufacturing.


While achieving the highest standards in the Machining process, we also ensure that you get maximum performance from the product.

Machinery / Equipment

Our track

CNC Machine
Precision Meter (CMM)
Auxiliary Tools


Machining in metal, wood, plastic and some other materials; It provides efficiency in production by increasing the variety of material processing. It is possible to produce by means of CNC machines without making any distinction between shape and size. It is possible that not only the dimensions but also the surface will show the targeted performance in machining, which is realized as a result of very careful calculations.

As BlogTech, we respond to the needs of our customers in the best way in the services we offer with technology-oriented solutions. We wish to meet the expectations without facing any problems in the machining processes.